With the current advancements in technology, cameras have become security staples for homes, businesses, and other properties. The most basic of its functions is to allow owners to record footages for later viewing. It helps expedite investigations on wrong doings and capture perpetrators. Despite this function, recorded closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems however have a major disadvantage. They are only good for investigating past events. They are unable to stop crimes on progress as they don’t possess any alert feature. The reactive nature still significantly exposes the user to potential losses.

This problem has pave way to developments on remote CCTV monitoring. Remote CCTV monitoring is a powerful preventive tool that can be added to a CCTV security system. Once incorporated to the CCTV system, it provides the benefits of an onsite guard while requiring relatively minimal cost. Through this setup the CCTV will be connected to a remote monitoring station via the internet. The owner will typically have the option to have the monitoring active 24/7 or only when the site is unattended. This allows the owner to monitor the site via CCTV whenever required. Intelligent video analytics will also be applied to make sure the system has the capability to intelligently use CCTV footages to detect movements on screen. Once an intruder, a fire, or other forms of unusual activities are detected by the system, it will be sending an alarm to the monitoring station. In this event, footages from the cameras are immediately routed to the operators’ monitoring screens.They will be able to pan and zoom the cameras to further investigate on the cause of the alarm. All of these operators are required to be trained and licensed according to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) standards.

Service providers can customize your security system based on your needs to make sure there will be no blind spots on the monitoring system. Multiple cameras can be used to have a multi-angled perspective on situations. Should the operator be able to confirm that there is an immediate danger on site, immediate actions will be taken. These responses will include calling the owner of the property and emergency services. Some remote CCTV monitoring systems even include a feature that allows the broadcast of live audio warnings. It has been observed that in most scenarios these audio warnings deter intruders.

Unlike the recorded CCTV systems, remote CCTV monitoring is a practical measure on security. You need not wait for the event to end before taking action. It allows you to have full monitoring on your property while having immediate response capabilities. This enables the owner to protect the property before crimes and other harmful events happen.Remote CCTV monitoring’s proactive nature helps property owners save thousands of dollars in potential losses due to fire, theft, and other criminal damages. Incorporating it to the CCTV security system adds value to the property it protects. It is without a doubt an investment worth considering.

Remote monitoring’s efficiency has made security services more effective and cost efficient. There have been a surge in the number of security service providers recently. The services they provide vary from provider to provider. Differences in the cloud software and CCTV hardware being used are expected.  Try to get in touch with at least three (3) of these companies to learn more about the services available in the market. Don’t forget to check the deals that they offer to make sure you get the best price. Property owners are highly encourage to talk to these providers to get valuable information on remote CCTV monitoring.

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