So far, the 21st century has witnessed a blooming of multiple technologies and great social and political changes across the world. Times are both exciting and frightening, and the transition to a new global economy is often painful. As we move through this great period of change, we are all subject to changing political, economic, and social conditions as we shed the old ways of doing things and embrace drastic new changes in the way we behave, work, and think.

Promotion at Work1

For some people, this type of dramatic change means fear and withdrawal as they seek refuge in tradition. What this amounts to is an effort to push back the tidal wave of change that will inevitably overwhelm them, and so it is necessary for us all to see the changes coming and adapt as best we can with the skills that we have. Part of this involves finding stable work in a volatile employment market, but once that has been done it is also necessary to make oneself valuable.

Introducing Value to the Workplace

We live in a time where full-time employment has decreased significantly and casual and part-time work is far more common. This means that full-time work is now more important than ever, and that anyone who works in a corporate environment is fortunate to have the backing of a large company that is unlikely to simply disappear suddenly.

Many corporations offer regular professional development to their staff in the form of corporate training. Such courses may cover the areas including management skills and advanced management, sales and public relations, technical skills in specific areas of work, and human resources.

Promotion at Work

In many cases, these courses are offered through professional training companies with vast experience in corporate sector training. This allows experts to enter the workplace in some cases and impart valuable knowledge. In other cases, such training organisations offer course work online or at specific venues.

The real value in these training courses for workers is in how they add value to their skill sets. This is valuable to the company as a whole because it increases the value of their staff. It also means that individual workers become more valuable to society as a whole because they can now offer more value to a wider range of potential employers. In both cases, this increase in skill value translates to greater job security and the potential for other roles to be presented either in the form of internal promotion or job offers from other companies seeking a more highly skilled workforce.

Seeking Stability in an Uncertain Market

When markets become unstable, employment figures inevitably suffer. For individuals, this can be mitigated through the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. By attending regular professional development and training, not only will self-confidence and skills increase, but a worker will be able to offer more value to his or her current workplace, or any other workplace should he or she need to find other work.

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